Stop the Sunday night scramble to plan and prep...

Instead, take the time you deserve to take care of you…

Teaching Talking Club members are ready to ace therapy with evidence-based resources each Monday morning without giving up precious family time over the weekend!


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Being an organized AND effective SLP is hard.

  • You try not to work after hours but then you do so that you can feel prepared for the next day.
  • You find great ideas for new materials on Pinterest, but never have the time to actually make the resources.
  • There are so many new SLP printables out there but searching online platforms to find what you need, then checking reviews to be sure of the quality uses up your precious time.
  • You need to stay on top of IEPs and reports, but often that can mean lesson planning takes a back seat.
  • Figuring out teletherapy? Too many reports to write, phone calls to make, and emails to answer.
  • You’re sure you already bought a resource for that lesson last year, but you just can’t find it among the hundreds of free downloads you have saved to your computer.

Imagine what it would be like to just pull out your therapy materials and ‘get to work’.

Instead of browsing Pinterest for therapy ideas at night, you choose to spend time searching for great new recipes to cook, trying a new workout routine, or getting lost in your favorite hobby.

You are finally taking care of YOU in YOUR time.

The result?

The stress lifts and you have so much more of yourself to give in work and to your students.

All of the Teaching Talking Digital and Printable Speech Therapy Activities are included in the Club...


Annual Membership

Pay for the year up front and get 3 months FREE access

  • 1000s of Speech Therapy Printables in full color and blackline
  • BOOM Cards for on screen therapy
  • Parent handouts and homework sheets
  • Access our organized library of Speech Therapy Printables
  • A growing library of digital and online resources
  • Themed lesson plans for popular classroom themes
  • Summer Program Home Packets
  • All Club Member bonus files


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Monthly Membership

Pay monthly, stay as long as you need access...

  • 1000s of Speech Therapy Printables in full color and blackline
  • BOOM Cards for on screen therapy
  • Parent handouts and homework sheets
  • Access our organized library of Speech Therapy Printables
  • A growing library of digital and online resources
  • Themed lesson plans for popular classroom themes
  • Summer Program Home Packets


Inside the Club you can quickly find everything you need...

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Doors Close In...


What if you had instant access to all this?!!

Printable Cards for Everything!

I have lost track of just how many cards we now have included in the Club but it’s A LOT! We have cards in full color and blackline for Articulation, Apraxia, Language, Minimal Pairs Rhyme and more.

"This is such a wonderful resource to get everything I need for phono therapy! From the cute pictures to the size of the cards, these cards were well thought-out."

Printable Games & Activities

Games and activities to cover speech, language, and phonemic awareness goals. Easy prep and ideal for fun homework activities. A game of Bingo anyone?! Beautiful picture quality that will keep your students engaged and having fun! Print in color or copy-friendly black line to reduce printing demands.

Speech Therapy Notebooks
Absolutely everything you need to easily set up great Speech Therapy Notebooks. Adjust to any goal and varying levels. Very helpful in planning and progress monitoring and a great timesaver! Templates, pages, instructions, data slips, parent letters, notebook covers, pockets and organizing tabs.

  • Choice of cover designs.
  • 700 mini-images for non-readers
  • 150 different template designs - foldables, flap books, and more.

Easy Crafts & Bulletin Boards
For quick craft templates to brighten up an activity or whole group crafts to decorate your wall space or take home activities, you will find everything you need to get started with no specialist materials.

"These boards are great! The templates are easy to use as are the directions. It is so hard to come up with new and different speech related boards. This is a much needed resource. Thank you!"

Preschool Language Activities
This one gets a special mention because are my favorite “go to” right now. Available for all early language goals in print and digital versions with scripted parent instructions – you need these in your SLP life. 😉

"I am a 20 year SLP veteran who finally changed settings 2 years ago from EI to Schools. It was so overwhelming at the start but found fab SLPs such as yourself who made it more manageable and reminded me why I stayed in the field. So thank you for creating materials that I could never do and for helping me be the best therapist I can be for my kids, and for keeping me sane!"


Themed Materials and Lesson Plans
Do you need resources at your finger tips for all the popular classroom themes and topics? We cover all major seaons and holidays and we are always adding new themes.

"I love the fact that you can pull the bundles by theme or by a target. There are so many different therapy tools within each bundle that you can work on it for a while and not stress about planning!

It’s well worth the membership! I can spend less time looking for resources because it’s already put together for me. That’s such a big time saver to have something already put together that is effective and that the students enjoy.

I love that it’s constantly being added to and revised for the needs that we currently have. That’s very important, especially now!"

Stacie Mellen CCC-SLP

Worksheets & Writing Pages
Need a quick copy for a mixed group or a homework packet? We have you covered with themed and year round no prep worksheets and activities.

There are 1000s of different worksheet options inside the Club, all sorted by target, theme and sound. Many have a Notebook AND a file folder version so that you can choose the format that you prefer.

"I love that there are so many themes, and that the language notebooks are easily adaptable to use with my Spanish-speaking students because few things have written print.

The products can be easily adapted to work with almost any goal. I never run out of things to do with a group and can make the most out of my time with the students."

Kimberly Nieuwlandt CCC-SLP

Digital and Online Resources

Are you a teletherapist now? Me too! And I couldn’t have made the transition without BOOM Cards.

The Club includes access to a growing library of digital resources to screenshare or send for home practice.

(If you don't know what BOOM cards are, don't worry, I'll show you! And you will wonder how you ever managed without them 😲)

It's so easy to find everything you need for themed therapy...

Doors Close In...


I've been that overwhelmed Speech & Language Therapist...

I’m Kathryn, Speech & Language Therapist and founder of Teaching Talking.

I care passionately about SLPs claiming back their “me time”.

SLPs support our students no matter what and with everything going on around us it can feel impossible to find time for yourself or your family.

We know we SHOULD be taking time for well-being, but without a clear plan that works for us as individuals, and without accountability, our good intentions quickly slip as work-life gets busier and busier…

But now more than ever, you must prioritize your time.
You deserve the time to take care of you!

I created The Teaching Talking Club to give you a safe and supportive online space for you to get clear on your personal plan to avoid burnout. You feel confident to handle all the challenges of your working life while still having the energy you need to thrive at home.

Don't Forget These Bonus Items are Included...

24 Themed Unit Plans – we love to make it easy to find what you need. Our lesson plans all contain clickable links. Login to the Club, click the link you need and you will be taken straight to your file. No more wasted time searching for your materials!

I love a pretty desk don’t you?! These quotations were submitted by members when we asked for a selection of your favorites. We made them even more special with gorgeous fonts and now all you need to do is print & frame to be inspired all day long!

You don’t need to organize your materials in binders because our Club platform does the organizing for you! But if you would like to sort and store your printed copies ready for next year, we want to make that even easier. Print binder covers and spines for all our thematic materials. The spines can also be used to label drawers and bins!

We love to keep in touch with Club members through our Club magazine. Your bonus files contain a link to the archives where you can browse past editions and get therapy ideas for the months ahead. Would you like to contribute to a future edition? If so we would love to hear from you!

This is the very best value way to access Teaching Talking Resources.

We only open up Club access for one week, three times a year...

  • Step-by-step parent instruction sheets make it easy to send activities home...
  • Top Quality Resources to help you stay on top of your caseload...
  • We are 11 Years Established in 2023 (and everything we have ever made is inside the Club!)
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Doors Close In...


FAQs - Your Questions Answered...

Are Teaching Talking materials printable or digital?

We have both printable and digital options for many of our resources. Established in 2017, our Club site is always growing! The Club now contains thousands of printable worksheets, games, cards and activities. Since the move to online learning in March 2020, we have converted our most popular resources into online, digital resources. So if you are working in a hybrid model, we have you covered with BOOM cards for popular targets.

What age / grade range is the Club suitable for?

We currently have an amazing choice of materials for the younger ages and grades from Preschool through to 3rd grade. Many of the materials are also suitable for older students working at younger grade levels.

Articulation materials are suitable for readers and non-readers and we have built in the ability to differentiate for mixed groups with the same set of materials.

What themes and holidays are covered?

Teaching Talking Club materials are designed to give you everything you need for great therapy sessions, week after week throughout the school year. We cover all four seasons and a wide selection of popular holidays and classroom themes.

There are also plenty of year round options and many of our resources could be used at any time of year.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can easily cancel at any time. There is a link to follow inside the your Club account. If you do use this option, please allow 5 working days notice before your next payment is due to allow our accounts system to stop the recurring charge.

Can I share my login with SLP colleagues?

No, sorry. The great value Club Membership advertised here is for one SLP only and sharing with friends and colleagues is a breach of my terms & conditions.

If friends and colleagues are interested in my resources, please direct them to this page where they are able to purchase their own access pass and join you in the Club! You can also contact me at if you would like details of group or district licences.

Can I share resources online with my students?

During distance or hybrid learning, I understand that you may need to email a resource to a family and that is just fine with me – I want to make things as easy as possible.

However please don’t share your login and password with anyone or host the printables on any public website for download.

How long will it take to get access to the materials?

Access is Immediate. You will choose your password immediately after payment and be able to log in to the Club straight away.

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